WGI Membership

Membership is required in order to participate in any WGI event. If you have ensembles in both color guard and percussion from the same parent organization, each unit must purchase an individual membership.

Benefits of WGI Membership:

          * Access to “Members Only” Educational video channel and webpage (available in late December)

          * Access to “Directors Only” webpage to assist you to maintain your information with WGI

          * Electronic copy of the 2011 Adjudication Manual and Rule Book

          * Automated online entry forms

          * Automated Music Licensing form system

          * Automated World Championships Practice requests

          * Automated World Championships Backside seating ticket ordering system

          * Subscription for WGI e-newsletters

          * Subscription for FOCUS magazine

You must deal directly with WGI for membership, not CCGC. Go to Wgi.org for details