After many years of discussion on WGI’s scholastic eligibility rule, the board of directors has drawn new guidelines for high school competition at their recent annual meeting.
The redefinition was in response to the constant shifting of policies in local school districts to keep arts programs in their local jurisdictions. WGI’s current policy did not allow participation in areas where magnet schools, shared services and home schooling have become a way of life.
The scholastic eligibility rules for color guard and percussion have been amended for the 2008 season as follows:
“All members of any color guard or percussion ensemble competing in any scholastic class must be approved for participation by the principal of the sponsoring school. Each color guard or percussion ensemble shall submit a notarized form prepared by WGI listing all approved participants of that school’s color guard or percussion ensemble.”
“Our organization must be sensitive to new ideas that local school districts are trying to keep their arts programs alive,” said Ron Nankervis, WGI Chief Executive Officer. “While this is a slight change in our policy, this will allow more flexibility which most schools need to give their students every opportunity in these days of budget cutbacks.”
The feedback that WGI has received over recent years was that many school districts are offering specialized classes at different campuses within their district. Often these special classes include music, dance as well as technical vocational training. Instead of offering every class on each campus, many students now share services bet ween campuses. 
Each scholastic color guard or percussion ensemble must now have the principal of the sponsoring school approve any student within that district participating in that group. The principal must then sign a notarized form that each participant is following their local guidelines as well as affirm that this is an approved activity by the district and individuals are insured through the district.
“This is a positive step forward to include students that normally would not have an opportunity to perform when individual schools do not offer color guard or percussion programs,” said Randy Nelson, WGI President. “After many years of studying the issue, I think we have come up with a positive solution while keeping the integrity of the scholastic class.”
For more information on scholastic eligibility, please contact the WGI office.